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About Colocasia Friut plants
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About Colocasia Friut plants

Colocasia is a widely available vegetable in our state. Some of them are edible, and others are not. The scientific name of colocasia is colocasia esculenta. It belongs to the plant family of Araceae. Colocasia is a popular agricultural crop in Kerala. It grows best in well watered soil and the right time to plant them is during the months of May-June. It can be cultivated anytime of the year as long as the soil has enough moisture Comparison of Colocasia with Xanthosoma Colacasia is one of the oldest crops in India. Xanthosoma originated in Tropical south Amerca and introduced to India. Colacasia is a gregarious herb cultivated for its edible tuber, stem and leaves whereas Xanthosoma spp.

mainly cultivated for its edible tuber. Colacasia is planted in fertile soil with high water retention capacity whereas Xanthosoma is planted in well drained soil. Xanthosoma is a partial shade loving plant. Colocasia leaves are more or less round and soft .The leaf tip always point downward. Xanthosoma have a slightly arrow shaped, dark green coloured, thick, glossy leaf and the petiole attaches at the notched edge of the leaf.Colocasia fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms. .

Mature Height : 1.5 m

Sunlight : Full Sun

Family : Araceae

Botanical Name : Colocasia