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About Kwai Muk Friut
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About Kwai Muk Friut(SArtocarpus hypargyraeus)

The Kwai Muk is native to China. It is a slow-growing, slender tree that can be grown as an ornamental specimen plant due to its erect growing habit and attractive long slender leaves. The Kwai Muk, possibly A. lingnanensis Merr., was introduced into Florida as A. hypargyraea Hance, or A. hypargyraeus Hance ex Benth. The tree is native from Kwangtung, China, to Hong Kong, and has been introduced sparingly abroad.

It was planted experimentally in Florida in 1927 and was thriving in Puerto Rico in 1929. It grows at an altitude of 500 ft (152 m) in China. The 'kwai muk' tree grows to a height of 45 feet in China; mature trees in Florida generally attain a height of 20-25 feet. The following description is based on observations of trees growing in Dade County, Florida. The canopy is rounded and dense, with a width approximately equalling its height. The tree retains its leaves throughout the year and has an attractive appearance at all times. .

Harvest Time : August to Octobe

Fruit Color : yellow-brown, fuzzy skin

Family : Moraceae