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About Velvet Tamarind Fruit
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About Velvet Tamarind Fruit(Dialium cochinchinense)

Velvet tamarind comes under the Leguminosae family which is tall, growing under tropical climatic conditions and also bears fruits. The fruits are similar to the grapes and are consumable containing hard shells which must not be consumed. Since the fruit contains tamarind flavor it has its English name as tamarind. The Velvet Tamarind fruit has a lot of medical applications. The leaf's decoction is used to solve problems of gastric ulcer. The leaves possess a lot amount of diuretic properties helping in producing urine, also helps the heart to pump blood thus eradicating the complications of hypertension.

The barks decoction has medical applications too solving tooth ache. The plant resists hot, wet, tropical climatic conditions, Mostly grows easily in the tropical climatic conditions preferably grows in the rainy areas as it needs soil which is completely drained , The tree possess the ability to grow in both good and also poor soil, Velvet tamarind trees need a partially shaded place and which is small too.Velvet tamarind Fruit Plants in Keralais now available in our farms. .

Growth Rate : Medium-sized

Fruit Color : Velvet

Year to Bear : January to April