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About Jaboticaba Yellow Fruits
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About Jaboticaba Yellow Fruits(Myrtaceae)

Yellow fruiting species with a distinctive sweet tangy flavour reminiscent of pineapple. We consider this tree a showpiece. Its lime green leaves have an unusual soft, almost powdery appearance and its beautiful golden green pendulous branches make it a worthy feature in the garden for its highly ornamental nature. The fruit of the black jaboticaba is becoming more popular and widespread (I even found some on the shelf of a local grocery store here in Lismore last week) while the yellow jaboticaba still remains a mystery to many. A prerequisite for enjoying the fruits of the Black Jaboticaba is patience. They can often take 6-7 years to come to fruit.

However, we have found the Yellow Jabot produce fruit in as little as 3 years. It is a small bushy tree, usually growing to 3-4m in the subtropics of Australia, however I have seen photographs of the tree, in Brazil (its place of origin), with a couple of young boys perched high in the branches.Jaboticaba Yellow fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farms..

Fruit color : slightly furry yellow skin