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About Star Fruit
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About Star Fruit(Averrhoa carambola)

Carambola or starfruit, is the fruit of Averrhoa carambola, a species of tree native to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Seychelles. The fruit is popular throughout Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, Micronesia, and parts of East Asia. The tree is also cultivated throughout non-indigenous tropical areas. The fruit has distinctive ridges running down its sides (usually five but can sometimes vary); when cut in cross-section, it resembles a star, hence its name. The entire fruit is edible and is usually eaten out of hand.

They may also be used in cooking and can be made into relishes, preserves, and juice drinks. Star fruit plants in Kerala is always availabe now. .

Mature Width : 6-7.6 diameter

Fruit Color : Dark Yellow

Year to Bear : 10-14 months