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About Soursop Fruit
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About Soursop Fruit(Annona muricata)

Soursop Trees produce remarkable fruit with a unique look and flavor. Those who have never seen a soursop before are often amazed by its elongated shape with bright green skin that has a soft prickly appearance. Soursops are great for snacking as well as pairing with desserts like ice cream or pies. Aside from producing tons of delectable fruit soursop trees also provide an exotic look with their lush green foliage and bright yellow flowers Soursop trees will turn any space into a tropical get away indoors or out.

This low maintenance tree is perfect for containers. Soursop fruit plants in Kerala is also available now. .

Mature Width : 20-25 ft.

Spacing : 8 ft

Growth Rate : Moderate

Drought Tolerance : Good

Harvest Time : various

Fruit Color : Green

Year to Bear : 3 to 4 years

Chill Hours : 100