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About Cola Pachycarpa Fruit
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About Cola Pachycarpa Fruit(Malvaceae)

TC. pachycarpa, also called bush or monkey Cola, is a rare species of fruit. It is found in west central tropical Africa. The tree is relatively small, reaching a height of 10-15 meters. The fruits are large and contain very sweet white flesh. It is known as one of the tastiest species in the genus. It has pale red flowers with a white center.

The plant can handle a minimum temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 35. It is best, however, to maintain a temperature of 18-28 degrees Seeds: 1- (4) -8 per follicle, up to 10 x 8.5 cm, flattened, surrounded by a thin white film and a glassy, firm, sweet, thick, white aril; 2 cotyledons greenish, flattened, fleshy, pink section.Fruit: capsules of 1-5 red, bumpy, long-billed, well-marked follicles with 1-3 dorsal ridges and 1 ventral furrow, containing more or less abundant fluid Cola Pachycarpa Fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farm. .

Genus : Cola Nuts