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About Kaffir Lime
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About Kaffir Lime(Citrus hystrix )

Aromatickaffir limes (Citrus hystrix), with their glossy foliage and wrinkled fruits, give many Thai, Indonesian and Cambodian dishes their delicious flavor. The young leaves can be finely shredded for salads, while mature leaves are torn or tossed whole into stir fries, curries, soups and more. From zest to juice, and leaves to rinds, kaffirs add a lemony-spicy taste. While it's possible to find fresh kaffir limes or dried leaves for sale, it's fun to grow your own dwarf tree. These members of the citrus family are sometimes sold as Thai or kieffer limes and known botanically as Citrus hystrix.

Dwarf kaffirs, which can grow to 5 feet, will perish in freezing weather. But even if you live where the winters are cold, you can enjoy your tree indoors if you provide the right growing conditions.Kaffir Lime fruit plants in kerala is now available in our farms..

Fruit Color : Dark Green

Year to Bear : 2-4 year