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Alibertia patinoi, commonly known as borojo , is a small (2-5m), dioecious tropical rainforest tree. It is one of the few of the Rubiaceae family that has edible fruit. It grows in the northwest area of Colombia in the Choco Department and in the Esmeraldas Province of Ecuador, in areas of high humidity and temperature. Borojo is an Embera word meaning: boro = head, jo = fruit - head-shaped fruit, or round, globulous fruit. The species has also been reported from Panama and Costa Rica. The fruit is large (about 12 cm length), with a round shape and brown color and average weight of 740-1000 grams. The pulp represents 88% of the total weight. Each fruit has 90 to 640 seeds.

Borojo has high levels of protein, ascorbic acid, calcium and iron and very high levels of phosphorus. Borojo is used in the preparation of jam, wine, desserts and traditional medicines with supposed aphrodisiac effects. It is also used by the local communities against hypertension, bronchial diseases and malnutrition. Borojo extract is widely sold on the internet as a health food.Borojo fruit plants in kerala is now available in our farm. .