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About Coco Plum Fruit
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About Coco Plum Fruit(Chrysobalanus icaco)

Chrysobalanus icaco, the cocoplum, paradise plum, abajeru or icaco, is found near sea beaches and inland throughout tropical Africa, tropical Americas and the Caribbean, and in southern Florida and the Bahamas. It is also found as an exotic species on other tropical islands, where it has become a problematic invasive. Chrysobalanus icaco is a shrub 1-3 metres (3.3-9.8 ft), or bushy tree 2-6 metres (6.6-19.7 ft), rarely to 10 metres (33 ft).

It has evergreen broad-oval to nearly round somewhat leathery leaves (3 to 10 cm long and 2.5 to 7 cm wide). Leaf colors range from green to light red. The bark is greyish or reddish brown, with white specks.coco plum fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms. .

Fruit Color : Red