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About Lotkon Fruit()

Lotkon is a moderate developing evergreen tree in the Phyllanthaceae family, developing to 25 m, with a spreading crown and thin bark. It is found all through Asia, most usually developed in India and Malaysia. It develops in evergreen backwoods on an extensive variety of soils. The organic product is gathered and utilized privately, eaten as a natural product, stewed or made into wine; it is likewise utilized therapeutically to treat skin ailments. The bark, roots and wood are reaped for restorative employments.

The natural product is oval, shaded yellowish, pinkish to splendid red or purple, 2.5-3.5 cm in measurement, glabrous, with 2-4 substantial purple-red seed, with white aril.Lotkon Fruit plants in Kerala is also availabe now.

Growth Rate : 6 to 7 Years

Year to Bear : 7 to 10 Years