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About Akebia Fruit
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About Akebia Fruit(Lardizabalaceae)

Akebia quinata grows to 10 m (30 ft) or more in height and has compound leaves with five leaflets. The flowers are clustered in racemes and are chocolate-scented, with three or four sepals. The fruits are sausage-shaped pods which contain edible pulp. The gelatinous placentation contains seeds surrounded with white pulp, that has a sweet flavor The fruit contains a sweet soft pulp resembling a white dragonfruit, eaten primarily in Japan as a seasonal delicacy. The rind, with a slight bitter taste, is used as vegetable, e.g.

, stuffed with ground meat and deep-fried. The vines are traditionally used for basket-weaving. The stem contains approximately 30% potassium salts thus causing a diuretic action Akebia Fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farm. .

Genus : Akebia