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About Annona salzmannii Fruit
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About Annona salzmannii Fruit(Annonaceae)

Annona salzmannii fruit is an extremely rare Annona bearing orange skinned fruits up to one pound in weight with a sweet and very tasty white pulp. The fruit is prized in its native range, but is rare and never cultivated. Beach sugar apple or Annona salzmannii is a tropical, evergreen tree native to Brazil that can grow up to 12 ? 15 m tall. It has an elongated, fairly open crown. The leaves are thick and leathery. Near the axils of the leaves are the flowers that occur either alone or in pairs.

The heart-shaped, orange fruit of beach sugar apple has a very sweet, succulent pulp that is fibreless and very appetizing. It can be eaten raw, fresh from the tree. The wood is used for fuel and charcoal-making.Annona salzmannii fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farm. .

skinned fruits color : orange color

hardiness : 10-12