Artocarpus lanceifolius Friut

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About Artocarpus lanceifolius Friut
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About Artocarpus lanceifolius Friut(Moraceae)

The orange pulp surrounding the seeds is eaten. The yellowish-brown, spiny fruits are around 100mm in diameter with many seeds Tree up to 35 m tall, 90 cm diameter, occasionally with low buttresses. Bark dark grey, smooth to scaly; inner bark yellowish white. Twigs 6-8 mm thick, rugose, appressed hairy, minutely punctate. Stipules amplexicaul, ovate or lanceolate, acute, 1.

5-4.5 cm long, appressed pubescent with short hairs. Artocarpus lanceifolius fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farm. .

Fruit Color : yellowish-brown

Propagation : seed