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About Kafal Friut
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About Kafal Friut(Myrica esculenta)

Kafal is one of many extremely delicious wild fruits found throughout mid-Himalayan region. The fruit looks somewhat like deep-red colored raspberries. They barely have any pulp, have a big round seed in the center. Since they are very refreshing to eat, they are well liked by many Nepalese. The fresh fruits have a reputation for being a little acidic even when they are ripe, but more sour when unripe. They have a limited harvesting period and available for a short period of time only.

Kafal fruit plants in Keralais available now Often described as one of the tastiest wild fruits, Kafal is a berry found on the foolhill of the Himalayas. The raspberry-looking fruit with sweet and tangy flavors has a thin fruit coating with a large stone core, thus it's a drupe. Kafal trees are found on hills of Nepal and Northern India, between the altitudes of one and two thousand meters above sea level. Kafal changes to reddish purple color ellipsoid-shape fruit at its maturity. .

Mature Width : 3.5cm Diameter

Fruit Color : Purple Red