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About Cedar bay cherry Fruit
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About Cedar bay cherry Fruit(Eugenia reinwardtiana)

Cedar bay cherries,scientifically known as Eugenia reinwardtiana and it belongs to the Myrtaceae family. Cedar Bay Cherries are also known as beach cherries Cedar bay Cherries have a bright orange-red colored juicy, soft flesh that surrounds a cherry-like pit. Cedar Bay cherries have a sweet flavor tantalizing the taste buds with the flavors of the cherry combined with a tinge of grape taste in it. The thin-skinned fruit has a thin, fleshy, slightly juicy pulp with a mix of sweet and sour flavor surrounding a single seed. Cedar bay cherry is also a great source of antioxidants, one needs to consume them in order to purify blood.

A juicy and flavorful pulp having a very pleasant, berry or grape-like flavor. It is used to flavor to make jams and other preserves. Apart from the fruit the tree also has a hard wood that is used commercially for its tough nature.CEDAR BAY CHERRY FRUITSis now available in our farms .

Growth Rate : Slow

Harvest Time : February, March

Fruit Color : Red

Year to Bear : 4-5 Years