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About Madrone Fruit
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About Madrone Fruit(Baccaurea Angulata)

Madrone is a stunning evergreen tree that has large, leathery leaves that are shiny and green on top and gray underneath. Large clusters of white flowers which bloom in early spring are followed by ½” red to yellow berries in the fall that attract birds. Smooth, reddish bark peels away to expose light green underbark. Though beautiful in its natural setting, Madrone is temperamental in the garden. Best success can be found in Northern California and in the foothill regions.

Plant in a sheltered spot in the shade of other tall trees and reduce watering by the second season to deep and infrequent.Madrone Fruit Plants in Kerala is now available in our farms. .

Growth Rate : Medium (16m-30m)

Fruit Color : Yellow

Year to Bear : 2-3 year