Matisia soegengii

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About Matisia soegengii
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About Matisia soegengii(Bombacaceae Wollbaumgew?chse )

1 seed per pack. A little known relative of the South American Sapote (Quararibea cordata) bearing golf ball sized, yellow skinned fruits with edible, white pulp. The tree is cauliflorous and bears fruits directly from its trunk. Native to rainforest regions of the Andes mountains. Seeds are fresh, cannot be stored and should be planted on receipt.

#4573 a large, semi-deciduous, fruit tree (up to 45m in height), native to Amazon rainforest vegetation in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It bears orange-yellow fruit which are soft, juicy, sweet and contain 2-5 seeds. Fruit is usually eaten out of hand, though it may be juiced .

Flower : white, white-cream, white-yellowish

Fruit Color : yellow skinned