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About Mombin Friut
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About Mombin Friut(Spondias mombin)

Yellow mombin is an elegant, deciduous tree with a dense, spreading crown; it can reach an eventual height of 25 metres, though 10 - 15 metres is more likely. The bole can be 60cm or more in diameter with a thick, corky bark. The plant is widely cultivated in tropical areas, especially the Americas, for its edible fruit. It also has a range of medicinal applications and provides various commodities. The tree is showy in flower because of the very numerous and large panicles of small white flowers, and also when the red fruits are developing - it is sometimes grown for ornament and to provide shade[ Fruit - raw or cooked. Pleasantly acid, the fleshy fruit is eaten raw or cooked with sugar.

It is also used for making jams, ice cream etc. Juices improve with keeping overnight as the mild astringency of the fresh fruit disappears. Unripe fruits are pickled and used like olives. The dull light orange to yellow or brown ovoid fruit is 30 - 40mm long and 20 - 25mm in diamete mombin fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms. .

Family : Anacardiaceae