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About Pink Longan Friut
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About Pink Longan Friut(Dimocarpus longan)

The longan tree is an evergreen tropical tree that is native to south east Asia, and it bears edible fruit. It is a close relative of the lychee, which it resembles. It is a decorative tree, with glossy foliage, a dense canopy and corky furrowed bark. They can grow to around 10 metres tall and wide. Fruit - raw or cooked. The mucilaginous flesh is whitish, translucent and somewhat sweet, though not as flavoursome as the related lychee(Litchi chinensis) .

It is delicious eaten raw and can also be dried, preserved in syrup, cooked in sweet and sour dishes or in soups. The globose fruits are 12 - 25mm in diameter, with a thin, brittle.Seedling trees take 7 - 10 years to commence bearing fruit, whilst vegetatively propagated trees can fruit in 3 - 5 yearsPink Longan fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms. .

Maximum width : 8m

Family : Sapindaceae