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About Annona crassiflora Fruit
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About Annona crassiflora Fruit(Annonaceae)

The Annona crassifloraAnnona crassiflora, commonly known as marolo, araticum cortiça, araticum do cerrado or bruto, is a flowering plant in the Annonaceae family. The flowers of a marolo look like jellyfish wearing hats, and the fruits are sweet and very rough. It is native to Brazil and Paraguay and the fruit is eaten by native peoples in the Brazilian Cerrado.Although it is considered to have potential for cultivation, it has not been domesticated to date Its fruits reach over 15 cm in diameter and 2 kg, containing many seeds about 1.5 cm long.

When opened, the fruit has a creamy pulp and very strong odor and flavor that differs greatly from custard apple. It is considered a delicacy in the Cerrado region, sold in street markets, consumed fresh or as a Cocktail, cake, in the form of cookies, crackers, pops, ice cream, jams and many other sweets. Annona crassiflora Fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farm. .

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Fruit Color : Yellow , Green