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About Kesusu Fruit
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About Kesusu Fruit(Anacardiaceae)

The strangest but coolest fruit of Borneo island. It has other names such as Karon, Buruni and Ematak. According to the guide, Kesusu belongs to Jackfruit family (Anacardiaceae), a type of latex plant. Its scientific name is Prainea limpato. The surface of the seed is oily. The pulp tastes sweet with a bit of sour. Ultra rare fruit from the family of jackfruit, fresh seeds. A very cool looking fruit, and an amazing taste experience.

It has a very tropical aroma, its sweet and tart, similar to a garcinia, e.g. like the purple mangosteen. The pods are facing outwards and the skin is soft and edible too. kesusu fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms. .

Fruit Color : Light yellow