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About Chanar Friut
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About Chanar Friut( Fabaceae)

Chañar syrup is prepared by boiling the fruit for several hours, reducing the juices and pulp to a thick consistency. Locally, it has been compared to honey. It has an intense flavor with a slight hint of citrus highlighting the smoky flavor that comes from the hours of boiling over an open flame or coals. It is viscous and dark caramel in color. Some have mentioned that in the past roasted chañar was used to prepare a type of coffee. Dried fruits were also used to make a flour used in breadmaking. The tree’s bark, leaves and flowers can also be prepared boiled in water to make a cough syrup, or dried for later use. Chañar (Geoffroea decoraticans) is an endangered plant of the Fabaceae family accustomed to arid climates. It is found between Regions I and IV in Chile (concentrated mostly in Regions III and IV), and also in parts of northwestern Argentina.

In fact, there is even a town with the name of Chañar in Region IV. A large forest can be found in the Valley of Monte Patria. The tree has flaky bark and produces yellow flowers in spring (between September and October), fruiting between November and January. The fruit is fleshy and sweet with a pit or stone inside. The fruit is also used to make a type of syrup and other traditional products. Chanar fruit plants in Kerala is rare see..

Order : Fabales

Clade : Angiosperms

Genus : Geoffroea