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About Sun Conure
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About Sun Conure

Sun Conures measure 12 inches (30cm) in length, including the long tail. They weigh between 3.5 - 4.5 oz (100 - 130g), with an average weight of 4 oz (110 g.) As with all conures, the Sun Conure has the bare, white skin patch around the eyes. The plumage of the sun conure is a strikingly beautiful red/orange/yellow over most of the bird. The wings have a slight green on the wings. Both males and females look alike. However, according to some breeders, one can take a guess by looking at the shape of the bird's head.

Females have a rounder and smaller head than the male. The male's head is squarer, with a flatter forehead. This method most certainly isn't foolproof and if identifying the right sex is important, DNA sexing (or surgical sexing) is recommended. Juveniles: Immature Sun Conures have a mostly green plumage. As they mature, more and more of their green feathers on the back, abdomen and head are replaced with yellow, orange and reddish feathers of the adult. They usually attain their adult plumage when they are about 18 months old..