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About Grumichama Fruit
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About Grumichama Fruit(Eugenia brasiliensis)

Thegrumichama is native and wild in coastal southern Brazil, especially in the states of Parana and Santa Catarina. It is cultivated in and around Rio de Janeiro, also in Paraguay. A specimen was growing in Hope Gardens, Jamaica, in 1880 and a tree was planted in the Botanical Gardens, Singapore, in 1888, fruited in 1903. It has long since vanished from both of these locations. An attempt to grow it in the Philippines in the early 1920's did not meet with success.

Neither did a trial in Israel.Over the years there have been mild efforts to encourage interest in the virtues of the grumichama in Florida, mainly because of the beauty and hardiness of the tree and the pleasant flavor of the fruit but the sepals are a nuisance and there is too little flesh in proportion to seed for the fruit to be taken seriously.Grumichama fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms. .

Fruit Color : Dark-purple

Year to Bear : 5+ Years