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About Reed Avocado
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About Reed Avocado(Lauraceae)

The Reed avocado is one of the largest known varieties of avocado. The round fruit is about the size of a softball, and can easily weigh more than a pound. Its thick, green, slightly pebbled skin is easy to peel, and its flesh is a pale golden-yellow. It has a relatively large seed and seed cavity, but its robust size allows it to still carry a substantial amount of edible flesh. The texture is buttery, and the flavor is bold, rich and nutty. The productive Reed avocado trees are slender and upright, and although their height can be controlled with pruning, they are able to grow up to 37 feet tall. Reed avocados, like all varieties, are scientifically referred to Persea Americana, and are botanically classified as a berry.

They belong to the Lauraceae, commonly known as laurel, family, which also includes camphor, cinnamon, sassafras, and the California laurel. Avocado varieties are further identified as being either Type A or Type B, depending on the flowers’ opening times. The Reed avocado is a Type A variety. It is also known as a green-skinned variety, along with Zutano and Fuerte avocados, as the skin remains green even when ripe. Regardless of its obscure commercial availability, the Reed avocado is often touted as the best tasting avocado among avocado growers. .