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About Variegated-Pineapple
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About Variegated-Pineapple(Ananas bracteatus)

The variegated-pineapple is Outstanding Edible Container Plant!. The leaves of this plant are a multi-colored mass of yellow and green stripes. The Variegated Pineapple plant will signals its approaching fruit stage by turning a beautiful cherry pink at the base of its fronds. It soon sends up a short stalk topped by pale white pineapple with a flaming red top. What a color show! Both the skin and flesh of the ripe pineapples are albino white and sweet as honey.

Fruit ripens in September. Recommend growing in containers in zones 8B and colder, to allow for easier protection during freezes. .

Plant spacing : 3 FT

Propagation : Self Fertile