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About Engkala Fruit
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About Engkala Fruit(Borneo avocado)

The engkala fruit is a small fruit that looks more suited for the diet of hobbits, rather than humans. Typically it’s not eaten raw, but soaked in hot water until its pink hue turns white. A careful squeeze to its sides will cause the delicate white center to slide out. The scientific name for this fruit is Litsea Garciae. In the local dialects, we call it engkalak, engkala, pong lobon, kangkala, medang, pengalaban, ta'ang fruit. The engakala fruit is found in great abundance in Nov 2013. The fruit is bigger in size and has a attractive bright pink appeal.

Engkala is propagated by seed. It does not require and specialized cultivation technique and is planted and maintained like other tropical trees. Engkala fruits are little known outside Indonesia and Philippines.Engkala fruit plants in Kerala is available now. .

Fruit Color : bright pink

Propagation : seed