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About Rambutan Fruit
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About Rambutan Fruit(Plinia cauliflora)

Rambutan trees are tropical species and thus need to be kept in a very warm environment. The ideal temperature for a rambutan is 71 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Even a few days of temperatures going below 50 degrees Fahrenheit could irreparably damage the tree and cause it to die. There are numerous varieties of rambutan trees. The main difference between these varieties is the color of their fruit. They will be reddish colored, yellowish, or orange with a reddish color. There isn't much of a taste difference between the different colors of fruit. However, when growing rambutan, many people prefer one color over the other because of the beauty it can add to their yard or orchard.

During the first 4 years of the rambutan tree's life, it will need to be fertilized fairly frequently. After the tree has reached 6 months and again at 1 year, apply a fertilizer that is 55g potash, 115g phosphate, and 60g urea. After the tree reaches two years, apply a fertilizer that is 165g potash, 345g phosphate, and 180g urea. After the third year, you will need to apply 275g potash, 575g phosphate, and 300g urea. From then on, you will want to apply this mixture once every 6 months. Rambutan fruit plants in Kerala is always available now..

Mature Width : 20-25 ft.

Spacing : 15 to 25 feet

Growth Rate : Moderate

Drought Tolerance : Good

Harvest Time : Late March and April

Fruit Color : Red

Year to Bear : 5+ years

Chill Hours : 75 degrees F