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About Purple Star Apple Fruit
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About Purple Star Apple Fruit(Chrysophyllum cainito)

Star Apple scientifically known as Chrysophyllum cainito is a tropical evergreen tree of the family Sapotaceae. It is native to the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean. It has spread to the lowlands of Central America and is now grown throughout the tropics, including Southeast Asia. Apart from star Apple it is also known as Caimito, Golden Leaf Tree, Milk Fruit, Satin Leaf, Star apple, Star Plum, West Indian Star Apple, Abiaba, Cainito, pomme de lait, estrella and aguay. The tree produces a very popular fruit as well as having a wide range of local medicinal uses and a good quality wood.

It is widely cultivated in tropical regions for its fruit; and is often grown as an ornamental garden fruit crop. As an ornamental it is mainly appreciated for its foliage, which is bright blue-green above and coppery beneath, making an attractive contrast when stirred by the wind.Purple Star Apple Fruit Plants in Kerala is now available in our farms. .

Growth Rate : Medium

Harvest Time : Fully mature

Fruit Color : Purplish-green

Year to Bear : 4 to 7 months