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About Isreal Fig Friut
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About Isreal Fig Friut(Ficus carica)

The FIG is a large tenacious tree which bears a fragile, highly sweet fruit in the hot summer months. The fig, or te’ena in Hebrew, is native to Israel and the Ancient Near East and is well known in many biblical accounts. It is one of the first trees mentioned in the Bible when Adam and Eve used its large, uniquely shaped leaves to sew for themselves coverings.[2] The fig tree’s huge leaves fall away with winter and slowly begin budding forth in spring time. In the summer, a fig tree’s leafy canopy provided a comfortable shelter from the blazing sun.

The shade of a fig tree was used by rabbis, like Akiva, when teaching their students.Perhaps, Nathaniel was studying in its shade when Jesus first saw him.Isreal Fig fruit plants in keralais now available in our farms..

Harvest Time : cold-winter climate

Fruit Color : Dark violet