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About Lamb Hass Fruit
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About Lamb Hass Fruit(Persea americana)

The Lamb fruit has green skin until it’s mature, usually around May, when the skin turns black. It has a pear shape, often with a more blocky top than other avocados, such as Hass. The seed is medium in size: not tiny like a Pinkerton, nor large like a Bacon. There is plenty of avocado to eat in there. Lamb trees can easily be planted only eight or ten feet from another tree. My Lamb, for instance, is planted only 7.

5 feet from a Reed avocado tree.Lamb trees will spread wider than ten feet, but they can be kept to within ten feet easily through yearly pruning. Lamb avocados need to grow for a year to a year and a half before they’re ready for harvest. In other words, if the tree flowers in April, then the very earliest that the fruit will be ready to pick is the following April or May, but it will taste better if left until sometime in the summer. .