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About Mamey Supote fruit
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About Mamey Supote fruit(Pouteria sapota)

Mamey sapote (Pouteria sapota) is native to the seasonally dry forests of Mexico and Central America. It was widely distributed in Central America before Columbus and introduced to the Caribbean, South America, and Asia. The mamey sapote grows into a handsome, open tree with a thick central trunk and a few large limbs. The fruit is a large, shaped like a football, varying in length from 6-9 inches depending of the cultivar. The skin is thick and woody with a russet brown scruffy surface. The pulp of a mature fruit is salmon pink to red, soft and smooth in texture. The flavor is a sweet, almond like, unique flavor.

The fruit will weigh from 1 to 6 pounds. The mamey sapote is usually eaten fresh by hand or to make milkshakes or ice cream. It is also excellent for use in jellies, pastes and conserves.Mamey Supote fruit plants in Kerala is also availabe here. .