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About Araza Boi Fruit
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About Araza Boi Fruit(Eugenia stipitata)

Araza Boi is a fruit tree, originating in western part of Amazonia. This plant is a kind of less known and underutilized crop, which have certain attractive properties for further agricultural development. Although the fruit is very acidic for direct consumption, it can be processed into juices, nectars, marmalades, ice-creams etc. Araza Boi Fruit Plants in Keralanow available here. Araza Boi is an exotic fruit which is traditionally consumed as juice. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals and contains high level of nitrogen and potassium! Having said that, it is very high in vitamin C content.

Araza Boi is a wonder from the Amazonas and it has several uses. At present, it is cultivated on small properties throughout the basin of the Solimoes, as part of the complex mosaic of crops, but not as a commercial crop. Given the fact that, the fruit is very high in acidic for direct consumption, it can be processed into other forms like marmalades, juices, jellies, nectars and syrups to have an exotic and refreshing taste. They are also consumed as smoothies and it plays a vital role in ornamental purpose as well .

Growth Rate : Fast

Harvest Time : 2-4 harvest per year

Fruit Color : Yellow

Year to Bear : 4 Year