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About Che fruit(Moraceae)

A typical The Che fruit tree is a broad, spreading bush or small tree dotted with small thorns. Like its mulberry relatives, the fruits are technically not a berries but rather aggregates of tiny fleshy drupes clustered around a single stem. Somewhat resembling a lychee, they are round, approximately one to two inches in diameter and have a bumpy surface. The ripe fruits are an attractive red or maroon-red color with a juicy, rich red flesh with three to six small brown edible seeds. When fully ripe they have a soft texture and develop a watermelon-like flavor with hints of fig, mulberry and cotton candy. Che fruit is also known as Red Chinese mulberry, Chinese Che, Chinese Mulberry, Cudrang, Mandarin Melon Berry and Silkworm Thorn. Botanically named Cudrania tricuspidata, it is a member of the Moraceae family, and a distant relative of breadfruit, jackfruit, figs and of course, mulberries. Che fruit plants in Kerala is rare see.

Che fruit are best when very soft and almost overly ripe. They are often eaten out of hand or used like mulberries or figs. Mixing the ripe fruit in a blender and straining out the seeds yields a bright red, delicious juice. Che fruit have a low acid content and therefore benefit from the addition of citrus or other tart flavors. The fruit will keep for several days in a refrigerator in a covered dish. .

Fruit Color : maroon-red color