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About Mangosteen Fruits
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About Mangosteen Fruits(Clusiaceae)

Commonly known as the queen of tropical fruit, mangosteen treesproduce some of the most delicious fruit in the world. Mangosteen trees need a warm climate in order to survive and they can be naturally found in southeastern Asian countries. It can be difficult to naturally grow mangosteen trees if you don't live in an area that's between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 37 degrees Celsius. Mangosteen trees can die if the weather becomes too hot or cold or if a drought occurs. These trees will need plenty of water (up to 50 cm) from either annual rainfall or manual watering. The soil should be continuously moist, but not covered completely in water. Sometimes they can survive extreme conditions.

Mangosteen trees can take up to 5 to 9 years or more to bear a yield of 200 to 500 pieces of fruit. The tree can grow anywhere from 20 to 82 feet. If you plan to grow multiple trees outside, place them at least 35 to 40 feet apart.Mangosteen fruit plants in keralais also availabele now. .

Propagation : Seed Fruit

Color : redish brown

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