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About Cherry Fruit
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About Cherry Fruit(Prunus avium)

A typical cherry fruit is a fleshy drupe (stone fruit) belonging to the genus prunus, which also includes fruits like plums, peaches and apricots. Prunus avium is the name given to wild cherry as well as the cherry tree. A typical cherry has a stony hard seed in the center surrounded by edible fleshy fruit measuring around 2 cm in diameter. It has a very thin skin which is bright and shiny red or purple in colour. Cherries generally fall into two categories- wild or sweet cherry and sour or tart cherry. Sweet cherries belong to the species Prunus avium while the tart variety belongs to the species Prunus cerasus. Cherry fruit plants in Kerala is rare see.

The cherry fruits of commerce usually are obtained from a limited number of species such as cultivars of the sweet cherry, Prunus avium. The name 'cherry' also refers to the cherry tree, and is sometimes applied to almonds and visually similar flowering trees in the genus Prunus, as in "ornamental cherry" or "cherry blossom".The English word cherry derives from French cerise, Spanish cereza.Cherry fruit plants in Kerala is available in our farm. .

Mature Width : 15-25 ft.

Growth Rate : 3-5 Years

Fruit Color : Red

Year to Bear : 5 Years

Chill Hours : 300