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About Ring-necked Pheasant
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About Ring-necked Pheasant

Ring-necked Pheasant: . The common pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) is a bird in the pheasant family (Phasianidae). The genus name comes from Latin phasianus, "pheasant". The species name colchicus is Latin for "of Colchis" (modern day Georgia), a country on the Black Sea where pheasants became known to Europeans It is native to Asia and has been widely introduced elsewhere as a game bird. In parts of its range, namely in places where none of its relatives occur such as in Europe, where it is naturalised, it is simply known as the "pheasant". Ring-necked pheasant is both the name used for the species as a whole in North America and also the collective name for a number of subspecies and their intergrades that have white neck rings. It is a well-known gamebird, among those of more than regional importance perhaps the most widespread and ancient one in the whole world. The common pheasant is one of the world's most hunted birds; it has been introduced for that purpose to many regions, and is also common on game farms where it is commercially bred.

Ring-necked pheasants in particular are commonly bred and were introduced to many parts of the world; the game farm stock, though no distinct breeds have been developed yet, can be considered semi-domesticated. The ring-necked pheasant is the state bird of South Dakota, one of only three U.S. state birds that is not a species native to the United States..And you can always find Ring-necked Pheasant in kerala from our Farm..

Family : Phasianidae

Scientific name : Phasianus colchicus

Kingdom : Animalia

Class : Aves

Mass : Male: 1.2 kg (Adult), Female: 900 g (Adult)

Did you know : The first successful introduction of the pheasant into the United States occurred in Oregon in 1892. northern.edu