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    Mexican Guava
    (Psidium guajava)

    They are native to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and the northern part of South America. Now they are found in all the tropical, and in some subtropical, regions because they are edible fruits. Guava are also a kind of berry fruit on those plants. .

    Egyptian Guava
    (Psidium guajava)

    Egyptian Guava are small trees or shrubs with leathery leaves and a bark that peels easily from the branches. They are native to tropical Africa. The fruits are pear shaped, ripening from green to yellow to white.

    Guava (Psidium guajava)

    Guava is another tropical fruit rich in high-profile nutrients. With its unique flavor, taste, and health-promoting qualities, the fruit easily fits into the category of new functional foods, often labeled as “super-fruits.”

    Artocarpus anisophyllus

    Fruit - delicious eaten out of hand, it has a bright orange flesh . A sweet flavour. The yellowish-brown, globose fruits are about 11cm long and 8cm in diameter, the spiny shell being filled with many seeds in a yellow orange flesh

    Artocarpus lanceifolius

    Fruit - raw The orange pulp surrounding the seeds is eaten. The yellowish-brown, spiny fruits are around 100mm in diameter with many seeds.Artocarpus lanceifolius is a large, evergreen tree growing up to 36 metres tall

    Artocarpus sarawakensis

    Artocarpus sarawakensis is an evergreen tree growing up to 25 metres tall. The tree is harvested from the wild for its edible fruit, which is eaten locally. An excellent flavour, the flesh is sweet, juicy, free of fibre and melts in the mouth. The subglobose fruit is about 5cm in diameter.

    Artocarpus teysmannii

    A wild and very rare Artocarpus bearing slender fruits (up to a few inches long) with a sweet flavor. The fruits are collected wild and eaten locally. The tree is little known outside of its native area. Large tree up to 45.

    Artocarpus nitidus

    Artocarpus nitidus is an evergreen tree growing up to 41 metres tall. The straight, cylindrical bole can be up to 70cm in diameter, The tree is harvested from the wild as a local source of food

    Artocarpus rigidus

    Monkey jackfruit is a tall, evergreen tree that can grow up to a height of 45 metres. The tree is commonly harvested from the wild for local use as a food and source of materials.

    (Artocarpus heterophyllus)

    a nangkadak tree is highly productive, with 30-50 fruits produced each harvest season. Nangkadak trees take 1.5 years to bear fruits. Nangkadak 's leaves are also useful for feeding animals, and its trunk can be used as firewood.

    Cempadak (Artocarpus integer)

    Commonly known as cempedak is a species of tree in the familyMoraceae, and in the same genus as Breadfruit and Jackfruit.Unripe cempedak tastes starchy and bitter, and is not consumed raw.

    Perak Chambian

    Perak's biggest exporters of the fruit, which is more succulent and less fibrous than nangka, another jackfruit variant.

    c28 Cempedak

    Cempedak berkemungkinan besar berasal dari negera-negera di Asia Tenggara. Ia didapati hidup dengan baik di Malaysia, Thailand dan Singapura

    Velvet Tamarind
    (Dialium indum)

    A popular tropical fruit in parts of southeast Asia , with fuzzy velvet purple, grape-sized fruits. Flavor is tangy, somewhat candy like, and reminiscent of the tamarind. Unknown hardiness, but unlikely hardly to frosts. Thrives in humid, tropical Climates.

    Purple Star Apple
    (Chrysophyllum cainito)

    The fruit is edible; round, usually purple skinned (sometimes greenish-white), often green around the calyx, with a star pattern in the pulp; the flattened seeds are light brown and hard. The fruit skin is chewy like gum, and contrary to some reports.

    Duriyan (Durio zibethinus)

    World's most divisive fruit? Durian. That big, hulking thorny beast, with an aroma so strong it'll knock your grandma to her feet. ... it's the Kanye West of fruits: you either hate it, or you love it.

    Musang King Duriyan

    Musang King is like black-market gold. It's the most sought after, desired and expensive of all the durian varieties, selling for more than twice the price of average durian.

    Siddu Jackfruit

    The jackfruit farmer variety tree age is around 35 years identified from Chelur, Tumkur district and shape of the tree is broadly pyramidal. It is classified under small sized fruits (2-5 Kg).


Plant Nursery

A plant nursery is a place where any kinds of plants are grown for the sake of being moved or transplanted later. It can occupy a field, garden, greenhouse, or other form of growing space. Usually the plants grown in such a nursery are flowers or household ornamentals. A plant nursery can belong to a commercial establishment such as a garden store, or it can grow plants wholesale for retail sale elsewhere.