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    Garcinia atroviridis

    The large fruit has a very acid pulp which can be eaten raw or cooked .The fruits are globose and about 7-10 cm in diameter. A mature fruit can weigh up to 2 kg. The bright orange-yellow fruit skin is thin and smooth. It makes excellent jellies and compotes and can also be dried then added to soups

    Garcinia Papilla

    Even though it is supposed to be a variation gummigutta, I have my doubts. The fruits look similar,but there are a lot of differences. Papilla is endangered with very few trees in the wild and none in cultivation. It takes a full year from flowering to maturity while gummigutta takes only five months

    Garcinia macrophylla

    A small fruit tree native to Central and South America that produces copious amounts of yellow fruit with edible arils that have a delicious, sweet taste. It is a very adaptable plant that will grow in any tropical or warm temperate climate in USDA Zones 10 and above.

    Garcinia ( Garcinia cambogia)

    Garcinia gummi-gutta is a tropical species of Garcinia native to Indonesia. Common names include Garcinia cambogia (a former scientific name), as well as brindleberry, Malabar tamarind, and kudam puli (pot tamarind).This fruit looks like a small pumpkin and is green to pale yellow in color.

    Raja puli

    Garcinia Indica or Kokum(called ‘bhirnda‘ or ‘bhinda‘ in Konkani, ‘murugala hannu‘ in Kannada) can be called as one of the most used ingredient in Konkani cooking. Almost every household at our native and Goa has a Kokum tree.

    Western Cherry (Prunus avium)

    The cherry fruits of commerce usually are obtained from a limited number of species such as cultivars of the sweet cherry, Prunus avium. The name 'cherry' also refers to the cherry tree, and is sometimes applied to almonds and visually similar flowering trees.

    Cherry of rio grande
    (Eugenia involucrata)

    The Cherry of the Rio Grande grows on a narrow shrub of the same name, that reaches an average of 5 meters tall and has dark green, glossy leaves. The tree flowers in spring and is covered with 4 to 5 white petaled blooms and multiple long white stamen. Fruits appear within weeks of the flowers.

    ( Herbert River-cherry)

    A highly nutritious fruit of an evergreen tree found across Singapore and Malaysia.Bignay is well known for its health benefits. This gooseberry sized, reddish hued fruit is also known as the Queensland cherry. The fruit as well as its leaves render various health benefits.

    Silverberry (Elaeagnus)

    Elaeagnus commutata, the silverberry or wolf-willow, is a species of Elaeagnus native to western and boreal North AmericaBoth the fruit and seeds of this plant are edible either cooked or raw. The fruit is very astringent unless it is fully ripe. The fruit is a very rich source of vitamins and minerals.

    Black Berry (Rubus)

    Blackberries are often considered one of the easiest fruits to grow at home. They are a native species to the United States and grow as a small shrub or trailing vine. The fruit from this plant can be used for table fruit, syrup, jams and jelly.


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    Blueberry (Cyanococcus)

    Blueberries are the fruits of a shrub that belong to the heath (Ericaceae) family whose other members include the cranberry and bilberry as well as the azalea, mountain laurel, and rhododendron. Blueberries grow in clusters and range in size from that of a small pea to a marble.

    Mulberry (Morus)

    Mulberries are the sweet, hanging fruits from a genus of deciduous trees that grow in a variety of temperate areas around the world. Mulberries are filled with nutrients that are important for our body, including iron, riboflavin, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, phosphorous, and calcium etc.

    4 Varieties

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    king white pakista
    (Morus alba)

    Morus alba, known as white mulberry, is a fast-growing, small to medium-sized mulberry tree which grows to 10–20 m tall. It is generally a short-lived tree with a lifespan comparable to that of humans,

    Elder berry fruit (Sambucus)

    The various species are commonly called elder or elderberry.The elderberry bush is a large plant with low-hanging branches that produces dark purple berries that can be used in jams, wines, and juices.They bear large clusters of small white or cream-colored flowers in late spring

    Araza Boi Fruits

    Araca boi fruits are edible. These have a very distinct aromatic flavour. The edible portion is white pulp, which has a sour taste. It is a rich source of vitamin C. Araca boi fruits are, however, rarely eaten raw because of their sour taste. But these are widely used to make juices, soft drinks, ice-cream, preserve and even desserts.

    Che Fruits

    The Che fruit tree is a broad, spreading bush or small tree dotted with small thorns. Like its mulberry relatives, the fruits are technically not a berries but rather aggregates of tiny fleshy drupes clustered around a single stem. Somewhat resembling a lychee, they are round, approximately one to two inches in diameter and have a bumpy surface.

    Dracontomelon costatum (Anacardiaceae)

    Dracontomelon costatum is a tree in the cashew and sumac family Anacardiaceae. The specific epithet costatum is from the Latin meaning "ribbed", referring to the leaf veins.The plant is harvested from the wild for local use as a food, and probably also for its wood.

    White Jamun (Syzygium cumini)

    The fruit is oblong, ovoid, starts green and turns pink to shining crimson black as it matures. A variant of the tree produces white coloured fruit,commonly known as white jamun.The white jamun fruit has a combination of sweet, mildly sour and astringent flavour.

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A plant nursery is a place where any kinds of plants are grown for the sake of being moved or transplanted later. It can occupy a field, garden, greenhouse, or other form of growing space. Usually the plants grown in such a nursery are flowers or household ornamentals. A plant nursery can belong to a commercial establishment such as a garden store, or it can grow plants wholesale for retail sale elsewhere.