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tropical Apricot Fruits

About Tropical Apricot Fruits

     The Tropical Apricot fruit plant has many of the attributes of both parents. It is also known as Dovyah's Hybrid or just Dovyalis.The name tropical apricot, which has been used to describe the fruit's color and taste, is how the plant is commonly referred to in pan-tropical areas where it grows. The dovyalis should not be confused with Mamey, (Mammea americana L.), another fruit called South American apricot or tropical apricot.

          Tropical apricot is a large shrub growing in excess of 25 feet with a width that matches the height. Its tall branches are covered with 2 to 4 inch deep green leaves and often with thorns. The branches bend downward increasing the width of the plant and are covered with numerous male, female and perfect flowers.

           The fruit is thin-skinned fruit 3/4 to almost 2 inches in diameter, turn from green to pale yellow-orange to red when fully ripe. Yellow-orange fruit are harvestable and will continue to ripen to red. The soft yellow-orange flesh is usually sour with a distinctive apricot like flavor. Some larger fruit contain 1 to 5 seeds while the majorities are seedless.Tropical Apricot fruit plants in kerala is now available.


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