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Tampoi Fruits

About Tampoi Fruit Plants

Baccaurea macrocarpa, also called Tampoi, is a small, tropical rainforest substorey fruit trees native to Southeast Asia, especially Borneo. It is dioecious, and the female trees bear fruit directly on the trunk and large branches.

                      Tampoi Fruit are large, orange colored and smooth skinned, round fruits. They have a very thick pithy rind that surrounds a white, segmented, seeded flesh, similar in appearance to mangosteen. The flesh has a sweet and tart flavor, sometimes compared to that of a mandarin.Tampoi fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farms.

Tampoi Fruit plants

Mature Height:   8. m
Order:  Malpighiales
Fruit Color:  
Genus:   Baccaurea
Botanical Name:  Baccaurea macrocarpa

Tampoi fruit plants in Kerala

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