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Sweet Lemon

Tampoi Fruits

About Sweet Lemon Fruit Plants

Sweet lemon and sweet lime refer to many citrus hybrids that contain low acid pulp and juice. They are hybrids similar to non-sweet lemons and limes, but with less citron parentage, and are identical to the common lemon or lime or just similar to them. Sweet limes and lemons are not sharply separated:

                      Sweet Lemon FruitThe sweet lemons and sweet limes are not derived from either lemons or the more common limes, nor do they represent a monophiletic grouping, having arisen from distinct citrus hybridizations. Sweet Lemon fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms.

Tampoi Fruit plants

Mature Height:  8 m
Flavour:  sweet and mild
Fruit Color:  Yellow
Year to Bear:  5 to 7 years
Botanical Name:  Citrus limetta

Tampoi fruit plants in Kerala

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