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Silverberry Fruits

About Silverberry Fruit Plants

The silverberry, also known as wolf-willow and silver buffaloberry in English or chalef changeant in French, had a limited use in the indigenous American diet. Yet, it remained important source of food, medicine, and craft material

                     Silverberry plants are deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees. The alternate leaves and the shoots are usually covered with tiny silvery to brownish scales, giving the plants a whitish to grey-brown colour from a distance. The flowers are small, with a four-lobed calyx and no petals; they are often fragrant. The fruit is a fleshy drupe containing a single seed; it is edible in many species

                     Chemical analysis of the fruits borne by plants belonging to the Elaeagnus genus has shown that they are loaded with various vitamins and essential minerals. In fact, these fruits contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and flavonoids, in addition to a number of bio-active chemicals. Silverberry Fruit Plants in Kerala is also available now.


Mature Height:  1 to 4m
Sunlight:  Full Sun
Growth Rate:  Fast
Harvest Time:  Summer
Fruit Color:  Red
Year to Bear:  1-2 years
Botanical Name:Elaeagnus