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Ruby Longan Fruits

About Ruby Longan Fruit plants

The Ruby Longan fruit is the most recent varieties of fruit crop varieties and the latest and still one derivative with longan Aroma Durian. Red Kelelngkeng fruit has a fruit size diameter between 1.5cm to 3cm. In addition to having a seductive colored kilogram (exotic) the flesh is also thick, even the level of sweetness reaches level 21 briks. Sweeter compared to Long Long type litchi.

                     Its beauty is the equivalent of a red ruby agate worth billions of rupiah. besides also with the peculiarities of the fruit skin to make the fruit crop of red kelengkeng difficult to forge. Just imagine, not just the skin of the fruit is red, but the leaves, shoots, stems even to daleman seeds red.Ruby Longan fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farm.


Mature Height:  20-25 ft (6-8 m) 1
Fruiting/Harvest Months:  90 days
Sunlight:  Full Sun
Flavour:  sweet taste
Propagation:   seed budding or graft
Botanical Name:  Dimocarpus longan