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Royal Avocado

About Royal Avocado

Avocado also called the alligator pear is known as the royal fruit with magical properties. It was served along with meals to emperors and princesses. Scientists claim that it is the fruit with the highest nutritional content.

                      Avocados have high omega-3 content which can aid in reducing risks of lecithin which is a type of fatty acid essential for healthy nervous tissues. It contains B6, C, D, riboflavin and manganese which is crucial for a stable and strong immune system. Vitamins A and E in the fruit provides cancer protection as well. It is filled with essential nutrients and minerals including B-vitamins and folic acid. If avocados are eaten with other meals they help absorb nutrients from other food better


Mature Height:   20 m (66 ft)
Sunlight:  full time
Fruit Color:  Green fruit
Order:  Laurales
Flavour:  Sweet
Family:   Lauraceae