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About Rambai

     The Rambai fruit is native and commonly cultivated in the lowlands of Malaya, grows wild in Bangha and Borneo and is occasionally cultivated in Java. It is valued for its shade as well as its fruits, which are eaten raw, stewed or made into jam or wine.

          The wood is of low quality but used for posts. The bark serves as a mordant for dyes and is employed to relieve eye inflammation.

           The slow-growing tree, ordinarily to 30 or 40 ft (9-12 m), occasionally up to 60 ft (18 m), has a short, thick trunk, broad, dense, rounded crown and silky-hairy new branchlets. The leaves are evergreen, spiralled, 6 to 13 in (15-33 cm) long, 3 to 6 in (7.5-15 cm) wide; dark-green, glossy, with conspicuously indented veins on the upper surface; greenish-brown and hairy below. The small, fragrant male and female flowers are borne on separate trees. Rambai fruit plants in kerala is now available.


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