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Matoa Fruits

About Matoa Fruit Plants

Matoa is a typical fruit of indigenous Papuans. This sweet fruit flavors such as fruit or fruit kelengkeng rambuatan. Matoa trees grow tall, and its wood could be for furniture or frame - frame house. The fruit is a seasonal fruit which bear fruit in September-October. Matoa grow throughout the islands of Paradise.

                      The content of vitamin C in fruit matoa antioxidant benefits that can counteract free radicals that attack the immune system. Vitamin C is also helpful to increase the body's resistance against a variety of diseases. Matoa Fruit Plants in Kerala is also available now.

                      The content of vitamin E on matoa fruit can also help relieve stress, increase endurance, improve fertility and minimize the risk of developing cancer and coronary heart disease.Vitamin E in the fruit matoa also have an important role in maintaining healthy skin by maintaining and improving skin moisture and elasticity. Vitamin E as an antioxidant bermanfaat also in charge of maintaining the body against free radicals that can damage and eat away at the body's cells.


Mature Height:  40 m(130 ft)
Mature Width:  100cm diameter
Sunlight:  Full Sun
Growth Rate:  
Harvest Time:  January-February.
Fruit Color:  Green,Yellow,or Dark Red
Year to Bear:  
Botanical Name:Pometia pinnata