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lakoocha Fruits

About Lakoocha Fruit Plants

Treasured for its wood, Artocarpus lacucha has many common names like monkey fruit, Monkey Jack and many more. This tropical evergreen tree species is from the Moraceae family. With a large spreading crown, the tree can grow upto 20m in height and it bears out edible fruit that is distributed all over the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

                      Lakoocha FruitPreventing soil erosion, the tree provides great shade and it is believed to have some medicinal values, the fruits of A. Lacucha are 5-10 cm in diameter with an irregular lob. Lakoocha fruit plants in Keralais now available in our farms.

Tampoi Fruit plants

Mature Height:  20m
Flavour:  sweet, sour, tangy taste
Fruit Color:  Light yellow
Year to Bear:  4 to 6 year
Botanical Name:  Artocarpus lacucha

lakoocha fruit plants in Kerala

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