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Garcina Papilla

About Garcina papilla Fruit Plants

The Garcina Even though it is supposed to be a variation gummigutta, I have my doubts. The fruits look similar,but there are a lot of differences. Papilla is endangered with very few trees in the wild and none in cultivation. It takes a full year from flowering to maturity while gummigutta takes only five months

                      Papilla can be easily processed into condiment, just leave the fruits for a couple of days and they split into segments, the seeds separate out without any effort. The seeds are bold without any aril. But best of all since they ripen in Feb/March, can be dried in the sun, unlike gummigutta, which ripens in July/August during the monsoon, and has to be dried by smoking. Papilla does not change colour when ripe. The photo shows ripe ones. Garcina papilla Fruit plants in Kerala is now available in our farm.


Mature Height:  20-30 ft.
Sunlight:  Full Sun
Fruit Color:  Yellow , Green
Year to Bear:  7 Years
Botanical Name:   Garcinia gummi-gutta


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